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Mixing Hues

The best part of Swan is the ability to choose gorgeous shades of colors around a central tone. Don't be afraid to mix hues, choosing dresses that best partner with your individual bridesmaids skin and hair complexion will only make them feel more empowered in the dress they choose to wear. After you select your dress style, you can choose as many shades as you'd like to view and seamlessly click the "x" in the right hand corner to remove any styles that you have edited out. You will be surprised at how alive your unique palette when you choose a variety of shades- by keeping the same silhouette your ladies will still have a cohesive look.

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Swan Fabrics: Weaving in Values

Weddings are about love, possibility and commitment. When we at Swan choose fabrics, that's what we're about too. We want you to feel that love is woven into the fabric of your clothes, especially on this important day! Love for the planet, love for textile workers, the possibility of a beautiful clean planet for our children's children, our commitment to making fashion sustainable and stunning. We choose fine point, all natural fabrics (silks, cottons, bamboos), produced in by companies committed to just labor practices. We source fabrics with non-toxic colors and dyes. Our founder, Samantha Sleeper, has been investigating the question of sustainable fashion without compromise for many years. She teaches a course at Parsons on the subject, and even...

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Swan Bridesmaid x One Fine Day Wedding Fairs

This Sunday join us at  beautifully curated  event showcasing the most stylish and creative wedding vendors in New York City. Alongside some of our favorite New York based brands we will be showing fall colors immediates from Swan Bridesmaids!  Tickets are available here:

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